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Construction, Maintenance, and Repair of a Boundary Fence

Construction, Maintenance, and Repair of a Boundary Fence

Who is responsible for the construction, maintenance, and/or repair of a division or boundary fence? […]

Linkage Fee and New Developments

The Linkage Fee in New Developments

Los Angeles is known for its lack of affordable housing.  In 2017 the city had […]

deadlines to record a mechanics lien

Deadlines to Record a Mechanics Lien

Did you know there were certain deadlines to record a mechanics lien? For a mechanics lien […]


How to Remove a Mechanics Lien From Your Home

How Do You Remove A Mechanics Lien From Your Home? So you hire a contractor […]


Surface Water and Adjoining Landowners

With the significant rainfall that California has experienced this winter, now is a good time […]


Does Good Tree Maintenance Make Good Neighbors?

With fall finally in full swing (as much as it can be here in perennially sunny […]


Mechanic’s Lien Recording Timeframe

Picerne Constr. Corp. v. Castellino Villas In general, Cal. Civ. Code §8412 provides that for […]


Avoiding Mechanic’s Lien Claims by a Notice of Non Responsibility

In previous posts, we discussed the ramifications and requirements for mechanics lien claims that arise […]


3 Keys to Mechanic’s Liens in California

Mechanic’s liens are a somewhat speedy tool in construction disputes that allow contractors, subcontractors, material […]