Los Angeles Real Estate Trial Attorneys – We Like Going to Trial

As active real estate litigators in Los Angeles we jump at the opportunity to go to trial.  This may sound strange, but if your case warrants it we want to try it.  Why?  With the slow down of the court system, it takes longer and longer for cases to go to trial.  We can remember a few years ago where we actually did three trials (a jury trial, a bench trial and an arbitration) back to back to back.   That was before the state imposed budget cuts and the court system slowed down. Of course, the decision to go to trial must not be taken lightly because of the expense involved and the risks, but when the opportunity is right, it is a must do.

Going to trial is always stressful for the client and the attorney, but the more comfortable the attorney is with the process the better the clients chances are to prevail.  As active litigators who are not afraid to try cases, we have gained a comfort level in trials that allow us to put our client’s best foot forward.  So, we look forward to all types of trials and look forward to the opportunity.

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