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Schorr Law offers its clients representation in real property partition actions.  These disputes often arise when co-owners of property disagree on whether or not to retain ownership of property.

What Does it Mean to Partition Real Property?

Partition is either a forced sale or a splitting of real property. A partition occurs when a co-tenant (a co-owner of real property) no longer wants to co-own real property with his/her/its co-owner and there is a disagreement as to what should be done with the property. At Schorr Law, our real estate attorneys are constantly litigating partition matters. We have even successfully obtained an adverse possession judgment against a co-tenant in the context of a partition matter. A few of our recent successes on partition matters include:

Representative Matters:

  • Obtaining an award of 100% of our attorneys’ fees in a partition matter where the court found the other party had unnecessarily caused the expense of the litigation to go up by failing to cooperate with the partition;
  • Obtaining a prevailing party attorney fee award in a partition matter where our client was awarded the recovery of more than its share of the fees in the case;
  • Successfully obtaining summary judgment in a partition matter amongst three siblings for property they jointly inherited;
  • Winning a partition case at trial where our client was sued for partition and the plaintiff refused to pay his share of the property's common expenses;
  • Resolving a partition case amongst family members which resulted in one family member buying out the other family member;
  • Forcing a sale of real property in a partition matter where our client had 10 acres of a 250 acre parcel of land;
  • Successfully converting a partition action into an adverse possession claim to allow our client to get 100% of title to a multi-million dollar piece of property where our client was on title with only a 50% interest;
  • Successfully obtaining an increased percentage of interest in real property through a partition and ouster action involving siblings.

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