Picking The Top Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyer

In our real estate litigation practice we are frequently asked how to determine the Top Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyer. This is an interesting question that we try to answer every day through the work we produce.

Here are 3 factors we consider important in evaluating the top Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyer, and quite frankly, the factors that differentiate the good from the rest:

1. The types of cases they handle. It is hard to be good at everything. Many firms are generalist law firms in that they claim to be experts at everything when they are really just generalists and perhaps experts at nothing. Pay attention to how many of the particular types of real estate cases the firm handles on average, historically or even on a yearly basis. Realize that there are trends in cases but a good real estate firm should have relevant experience.

2. Oral Communication Skills. When you interview a real estate attorney you should consider whether they can communicate effectively. Do they understand real estate in general and not just the law? In other words, it is important for a good real estate attorney to understand not just real estate law but also how the law effects real world decisions regarding real estate.

3. Legal Writing. As with any type of case, making sure your attorney can write well is very important. A very large part of legal advocacy (being a lawyer) requires the ability to produce legally supported persuasive writing.

At Schorr Law our Los Angeles Real Estate Lawyers understand your case at all levels. We understand that in order to be able to best position your case we have to combine the relevant law, facts and real estate principles in order to communicate your case to the trier of fact in a persuasive manner. To inquire about a free 30 minute consultation contact us at (310) 954-1877, You can also easily send us a message by using our Contact Form.