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Mediation Of Real Estate Disputes

Schorr Law's practice attorneys are experienced real estate mediators. Attorney and mediator Zachary D. Schorr has participated in over 200+ mediations, settlement conferences, and mandatory settlement conferences.

Schorr Law is different from other mediation services because we only mediate one type of dispute - real estate. That means that less time will be spent getting the mediator up to speed on the real estate claim, and more time can be spent focusing on resolving the matter.

We have experience mediating many types of real estate disputes including: quiet title, partition, adverse possession, equitable easements, prescriptive easements, encroachments, trespass, nuisance, eminent domain, title disputes, insurance coverage of title disputes, purchase and sale disputes, specific performance, commercial leasing disputes, reciprocal easements, construction disputes, ownership disputes, and many more.

For lot line and neighbor disputes we like to conduct our mediation at the location of the dispute. This allows a “hands-on” approach that often puts the issue into perspective for all parties.

If you are in need of a mediator, contact us today and schedule a mediation session. We offer mediation at our office in Los Angeles, or we can also come to you.


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