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Commercial Lease Disputes in Los Angeles

No matter how detailed a lease is, or how thoroughly it was developed and reviewed, disputes can still arise concerning the provisions of the lease. When these disputes arise, it is important that you seek a qualified real estate attorney.

We offer legal representation for the following commercial lease disputes:

  • Enforcement of exclusive use provisions;
  • Commercial Unlawful Detainer;
  • Commercial Premises liability;
  • Breach of Lease;
  • Acquisitions;
  • Dispositions
  • Property Management
  • Tenant Improvement Issues
  • Monetary and nonmonetary defaults
  • Assignments, subleasing
  • Pass-through provisions;
  • Common area maintenance provisions;
  • Recapture provisions;
  • Brokerage agreements;
  • Additional areas

The following are examples of some, but not all, prior commercial lease disputes that our attorneys have handled:

  • A multi-million dollar commercial lease dispute involving the purchase option contained in a commercial lease for the purchase of a multi-million dollar piece of commercial real property for use by a large publicly-traded company;
  • A breach of repair and maintenance obligations contained in a commercial lease for a large industrial warehouse;
  • Representation of a commercial tenant forced to vacate leased commercial retail space due to a landlord’s failure to meet conditions in the lease.
  • Negotiation of early termination rights for a large national retail chain’s Santa Monica store;
  • Representation of commercial retail establishment for enforcement of an exclusive use provision;

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