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Property Easement Disputes

Our Los Angeles based real estate lawyers have experience handling all types of easement disputes. In particular, our Los Angeles Easement attorneys have experience negotiating easements, drafting and creating easements between adjacent landowners and litigating easement disputes.

An easement is generally the right to use the real property of another without possessing or owning it. In other words, an easement is a grant of rights that allows the use of another's property.

Property Easement Claim Attorneys

At Schorr Law our real estate attorneys have experience with all types of easement matters. Indeed, the following is a representative sampling of some of the easement matters we have handled:

  • We successfully litigated a commercial easement to dispute involving 2 commercial real estate shopping center owners who had cross-access and right of easement over their shared commercial strip mall;
  • We negotiated and drafted access easements, a parking lot easement, and a drainage easement between a large national retailer and its neighbors and the local city government;
  • We negotiated issues in a dispute involving a parking lot easement;
  • We negotiated a successful resolution of a lot line dispute and access easement between adjacent residential owners;
  • We resolved a lawsuit involving competing claims to a shared area between two historic properties in the Hollywood Hills;
  • We successfully resolved an easement dispute in Palos Verdes involving a large encroachment on ocean view property.

Almost all easements involve a continuing relationship between owners of land. At Schorr Law, we understand the need for aggressive representation that often has to be counterbalanced against the ongoing relationship that will likely continue after we help our clients resolve their dispute.

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