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Los Angeles Lease Assignment And Subletting Attorneys

Schorr Law helps commercial and residential real estate clients with sublet and lease negotiation. Assignment and subletting is the process of transferring some or all of the interest in property (created by a lease) to another.

The individual lease controls a tenant’s ability to assign or sublet their lease. We have found that by assigning and subletting a lease, tenants who are no longer able to abide by the terms of the lease can reduce their liability by assigning or subletting their interest in the pre-existing lease to another tenant. Generally, the lease will require the landlord’s written consent to either assign or sublet the lease.

Schorr Law offers counseling to landlords and tenants regarding the ability to assign or sublet a lease. We can help you avoid liability on your lease through assignment and subletting. We have experience in negotiating the lease assignment and subletting of a lease, and litigation concerning lease assignment and subletting.


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