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Non Disclosure Real Estate Litigation In Los Angeles

If a property is sold with a known defect that is deliberately not disclosed to the buyer during sale, the buyer may have a legitimate non-disclosure recovery claim.

Schorr Law's real estate attorneys have represented clients with actions against the sellers of real property arising out of the seller’s failure to disclose defects in the real property sold, and undisclosed to the buyer. We have plenty of experience defending this type of litigation.

What to do if you discover a defect in the property you just purchased?

If a buyer discovers a defect in the property and the buyer thinks that the seller knew about a defect – such as a basement that floods in heavy rain or the property does not contain a proper retaining wall – and the seller fails to disclose it, the buyer may be entitled to damages for the seller’s failure to disclose.

Keep in mind, however, that as long as the defect is disclosed there is often no liability for the defect. On the other hand, if the disclosure did not happen until late in escrow, the buyer may have the right to get out of the deal or to collect damages.

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