Schorr Law Provides a Fresh Perspective On Litigation

Schorr Law’s Los Angeles based real estate lawyers take great pride in providing a fresh perspective on long standing litigation.  In fact, we are frequently asked to substitute into cases as the new attorneys of record at various stages in the litigation.  We have substituted into cases at the outset of litigation all the way through the first day of trial.  In fact, in one case we substituted in on the first day of a bench trial and were able to obtain a successfully result for one of our clients in that action.

In the past month, Schorr Law helped resolve two long standing disputes.   One dispute had lasted approximately 7 years through an arbitration and a subsequent lawsuit.  Lead trial attorney Zachary D. Schorr was able to come into that case and facilitate a quick settlement for its client so that its client could finally begin to put years of litigation behind it.   In other dispute, Schorr Law was able to resolve a near 5 year old dispute after the litigation had become very heated.

If you are involved in long standing or even short lived litigation it often helps to have a fresh perspective.  On any case we take, we do an detailed analysis and then chart out the moving parts to figure out the best possible way to achieve our clients’ goals.  We often have a “whiteboard” session with our clients where we diagram the moving parts, litigation objectives and ways to get to the client’s desired result.  We are not afraid to try something new to be creative and allow our fresh take to turn a case around.

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