The New Long Beach Courthouse – The Modern Lawyer

As a real estate litigator whose practice is largely in Southern California – with a few matters in Northern California, I am fortunate to have litigated cases in many, many court houses.  As a real estate litigator I appreciate a good building and good architecture.   The Long Beach Courthouse sets the new standard for the modern practice of law in court.

I have personally represented clients in over 25+ different courthouses, including, but not limited to the  following courthouses:

  • Stanley Mosk Courthouse (downtown Los Angeles)
  • Van Nuys Courthouse
  • Torrance Courthouse
  • Beverly Hills Courthouse
  • Santa Monica Courthouse
  • West Los Angeles Courthouse
  • Pamona Courthouse
  • San Bernardino Courthouse
  • Vista Courthouse (North County San Diego)
  • Central Justice Center (Downtown Los Angeles)
  • Santa Ana Courthouse
  • Santa Clara County Courthouse
  • Simi Valley Courthouse
  • Ventura County Courthouse
  • Burbank Courthouse
  • Long Beach Courthouse
  • Airport Courthouse
  • Chatsworth Courthouse
  • Indio Courthouse
  • Riverside County Main Courthouse
  • Inglewood Courthouse
  • Norwalk Courthouse
  • Pasadena Courthouse
  • West Covina Courthouse
  • Federal Court Courthouse (Downtown Los Angeles)
  • Court of Appeals (Downtown Los Angeles)
  • Glendale Courthouse

Today, I had my first appearance in the new Long Beach Courthouse.   After 5 minutes in the Long Beach Courthouse and I quickly realized this is the nicest Courthouse of them all.  Given the number of days a week I begin my day at a Courthouse, it would be great if the rest of the courthouses were as nice as the Long Beach one.