Do I have to come in to the office for my consult or can I have it over the phone?

No, you do not need to have the consult in person, you can choose to have it over the phone. We do however, recommend that you come in for your consult as our attorneys sometimes like to draw on our board for the clients to have a better understanding.

Are all consults free?

While we do offer free 30-minute consults, not all of them are free. Some consults, for example, landlord and tenant matters, require a fee. Contact us today, and see if you qualify for a free consult!

Is what I tell you confidential?

Yes, what you and the attorneys discuss remains confidential.

Can you help me with my matter even if I don’t live in Los Angeles?

Yes! While Schorr Law’s real estate attorneys are based in Los Angeles, we represent individuals all over California. We can also represent you if you don’t live in California; as long as the property/ dispute is in California.

How far out should I call to schedule my consultation?

Our time slots fill up pretty fast, so we suggest not waiting until last minute to call us to schedule your consult.

Do you represent landlords or tenants only?

Schorr Law represents both landlords and tenants for their commercial or residential real estate matters.