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What is Lease Abandonment?

What is Lease Abandonment?

What is “lease abandonment”? And how could that affect me? This article will cover what […]

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What is a Sublease and When Can You Do It?

You are going away for business for an extended time, or you just want to […]

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Three Common Landlord Schemes

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Whenever a tenant assigns its rights under a lease to another tenant, it befits the […]

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Recent Changes to Beverly Hills Rent Control Laws

On February 21, 2017, the Beverly Hills City Council (“City Council”) voted unanimously to amend […]


Reviewing your Leases with Landlords and Tenants

Landlords, have you reviewed your leases with your tenants? Tenants, have you reviewed your landlord’s lease? […]


New Senate Bill Makes it Easier to Build “Granny Units”

In an effort to create more affordable housing, Governor Jerry Brown signed two bills that […]