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What Does it Mean to Quiet Title to Real Property?

Quieting title to real property is a catchall claim that allows an owner of real property to have the court clear defects in title, old liens, resolve lien priority disputes and otherwise declare once and for all who has a right to be on title to real property. At Schorr Law we are constantly litigating quiet title matters and know the ins and outs for what it takes to make or defend these common types of real property claims.

What is a Quiet Title Case & Role of Quiet Title Attorney

quiet title matter is an umbrella term that is used to describe cases where ownership or interests in record ownership are at issue. Any matter that involves an interest in real property can generally be brought as a quiet title matter. Most often, however, our California based quiet title attorneys are tasked with clearing or claiming potential interests in real property.  For example, clearing an old lien from title would be a quiet title matter. Similarly, making a claim to an unrecorded interest in another person’s real property could also be another type of quiet title claim. The role of the attorney is to clear the clouds on title and have title reflect the true interests in the real property. We bring sunshine to cloudy title.

When Quiet Title Attorneys Are Most Commonly Needed

The most common need to use a quiet title attorney is to clean up record title. What this means is to make sure that the title for real property reflected in the county recorder’s office and shown on a title report from a title insurance company accurately reflects the true ownership of the property. The need to quiet title can occur in a host of different situations. Title sometimes reflects a lien that is no longer valid or fails to reflect a true ownership interest in the property. We fix title through bringing and defending actions that impact ownership.

When to File a Quiet Title Action

There can be different statutes of limitations associated with a quiet title complaint. Accordingly, we always recommend taking action sooner than later to avoid procedural problems with delayed action.  Moreover, with a quiet title action we are able to record a lis pendens on the property at issue, which can avoid future transfers of the property and essentially cause time to stand still with respect to the state of title until the matter can be resolved through the court.  

Our Process for Quiet Title Actions

The first step in filing a quiet title action is having a good understanding of the current state of title for the property at issue.  We can determine this through legal research, reviewing a title report, or obtaining a litigation guarantee.  After we know the state of title, we can then file the quiet title action and record a lis pendens. After we take these steps, then the matter proceeds through like a normal litigation matter. Very often, quiet title matters end in default where we simply have to prove the title claim to the court with the court acting as a gatekeeper as opposed to an opponent.

Why Choose our Quiet Title Attorney in Los Angeles, California?

Schorr Law’s quiet title attorneys have extensive experience with quiet title matters. We have litigated them extensively throughout the state of California. We have quieted title to old liens, easements, encroachments, licenses, competing ownership claims, and even adverse possession claims. In addition, Schorr Law’s lead attorney, Zachary Schorr, lectures and provides continuing education to lawyers regarding how to quiet title to real property. We are recognized nationally as a leading firm in quiet title matters and a thought leader on innovative quiet title applications in real estate.

Representative Matters:

Schorr Law has extensive and varied experience resolving quiet title in its clients’ favor.  A sample of some of that experience is listed below.

  • Quieting title on behalf of a property owner who acquired property subject to old liens and deed of trust
  • Quieting  title in favor of an ex boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancee or family member who was not on title to the property at the time of purchase due to bad credit but who was meant to be a beneficial owner of the real property;
  • Quieting  title in against an ex boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancee or family member who merely lent their credit to the purchase and sale transaction but who actually had no ownership interest in the property (on title just for the loan)
  • Quieting title to real property to clear problems revealed on a preliminary or final title report;
  • Quieting title to real property to perfect an extraterritorial interest in a neighbor’s real property based on an easement or license
  • Quieting title to real property in the form of adverse possession
  • Quieting title to real proeprty to resolve lien priority disputes
  • Quieting title to real property to resolve competing ownership claims
  • Quieting title to real property to undue fraudulent transactions

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