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For the past 15 years, the Ventura County real estate attorneys at Schorr Law have dedicated themselves to mastering the craft that is real estate litigation. Unlike other real estate law firms in Ventura County, California, Schorr Law has one focus, and one specialty — real estate. By developing this expertise in real estate, our Ventura County real estate attorneys understand the subtle nuances of real estate matters to a depth and degree that only comes through constantly crafting new theories and strategies to meet our client’s specific real estate needs.

With over 800,000 people in almost 300,000 housing units, there are prone to be many real estate disputes in Ventura County. Our real estate attorneys have handled a number of matters in different cities within Ventura County, CA and have represented clients at the main court house. Some of the matters we offer representation in include non-disclosure disputes, partitions, quiet titles, and real estate fraud to name a few.

Ventura County Real Estate Law - FAQ's

Is Schorr Law Representing Clients in Ventura County?

Yes. We have represented many clients in Ventura County, CA over the past near 20 years. We are familiar with the Courthouse local rules, and make frequent appearances in the Ventura County Superior Court.

Schorr Law is offering clients representation in the following cities near Ventura County: Oxnard, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Ojai, Moor Park, Santa Paula, Channel Islands, Purt Hueneme, Fillmore, and more.

Types of Matters Handled by Our Real Estate Attorneys in Ventura County

Schorr Law has handled many different types of matters in Ventura County. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Construction disputes with a contractor over a new home warranty when various defects arose in the property;
  • Collection matter involving foreclosing on a contested abstract of judgment to satisfy a long standing judgment;
  • A creditor lien priority dispute involving real property in Ventura County;
  • Partition of commercial real property in downtown Ventura County;
  • Enforcement of an arbitration award arising out of a purchase and sale dispute involving alleged nondisclosure;
  • Non-disclosure suit involving celebrity near Calabasas;
  • Real property tax proceedings involving re-assessed property in Ventura County;
  • Large homeowners association and contractor dispute involving a large HOA who was preventing a contractor from building due to alleged enforcement of architectural guidelines;
  • A homeowner’s dispute involving nuisance and alleged HOA violations in Oxnard, California

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Are You Up to Date on Ventura County's Requirements?

Yes, we currently have active cases in Ventura County and know the requirements well.

Can I Get Representation by your Real Estate Law Firm if I'm in Ventura County?

Yes. Schorr Law represents clients throughout the State of California on various real estate disputes. Nowadays most appearances in court are video appearances, but we still like going to court when needed and have no problem going to court in Ventura County. That said our remote capabilities allow us to practice in Ventura County with no extra cost for routine court appearances.

Why Should You Choose Schorr Law Over Other Real Estate Attorneys in Ventura County?

That is easy. If you are looking for a real estate attorney to handle your matter in Ventura County, look for the firm that does your area of law as an expertise, not a general practice. Not only does Schorr Law focus on real estate law, but it is all we do. Schorr Law is not like other firms that generalize in various areas of law. Our attorneys are known as experts in the field by many which is why we are frequently sought after to not only provide legal commentary on national news and media outlets, but also sought out to present at national educational seminars. We invite you to call our office and schedule a consultation with one of our lead attorneys so that you can test our expertise yourselves.

Examples of Cases Held by our Real Estate Lawyers in Ventura County

  • Represented a contractor developer in an multi-party lawsuit involving a stop work order issued by a governing HOA.
  • Represented a homeowner seeking post judgment relief and enforcing the terms of a judgment.
  • Represented a judgment creditor to successfully foreclose on an abstract of judgment and collect and on an old judgment.
  • Successfully quieted title to old liens on a real property that had been purchased by a real estate investment company.
  • Represented a resident involved in a homeowner’s association suit involving a nuisance claim.
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