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Real Estate Dispute Trial Attorneys

Representation in mediation, and the representation provided by trial attorneys, are very different skillsets.  As a result, Schorr Law is now offering trial representation as a service to new clients and cooperating attorneys. This means our attorneys can substitute or associate into cases, to help other attorneys or clients who may not be prepared to try their case, or who are uncomfortable taking their case to trial.  By bringing Schorr Law into a case just before trial, we can offer you a new take on an existing case, and can ready the case for trial, all while injecting new energy and momentum that may have become stale over the months and years it can take to bring a case to trial.

Los Angeles Real Estate Trial Litigation Experience

Our past trial experience includes jury trials, bench trial and arbitrations. We have experience in all of these venues and are very confident in each.

Trial is about more than just the facts and the law – it is about presenting the case in the best way possible. Many lawyers, both junior and senior, do not have the significant experience at trial and therefore never get the opportunity to develop and refine those skills, and to become comfortable with the trial process as a whole.

As always, we will continue to represent our existing and future clients in taking their cases from inception to trial. We simply offer this additional service to new clients and to attorneys who need our experience at trial to best position their case for a win.

For a free consultation regarding an upcoming trial and the trial related services and support we offer, please contact us for a free case consultation.

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