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Establishing "Just Cause" to Evict

Establishing “Just Cause” in Evictions

The Appellate Division of the Orange County Superior Court recently published a decision on one […]


What are some of the considerations when filing an Unlawful Detainer during COVID-19?

COVID Eviction: Unlawful Detainer Does county or city moratorium applies to you? As a matter […]

How to Evict a Tenant in 3 Steps

How to Legally Evict a Tenant from Property in California – Process

Property ownership comes with its own set of challenges, especially when the property in question […]

30-60 Day Notice to Terminate a Residential Lease

30/60 Eviction Notice To Vacate Residential Lease In California

Beginning the eviction process in California can be confusing. Landlords are faced with questions: is […]

Evictions During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In this blog, we will discuss what happens to evictions during the coronavirus and what […]

Purchaser Under Trustee Deed's Requirement to Perfect Title

You Must Perfect Title Before Bringing Eviction Action

Is a purchaser of real property under a trustee’s deed required to perfect title before serving an […]

Zachary Schorr Discusses Landlord Tenant Issues on National Radio

Zachary Schorr Discusses Landlord Tenant Issues on National Radio

This morning, Schorr Law’s Zachary Schorr, was on XM Satellite Radio’s The Lisa Valentine Clark […]

Terminating the Tenancy via a 60-Day Notice prior to filing an Unlawful Detainer

California civil code 1946.1 Civil Code section 1946.1 requires that a landlord give a residential […]

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Homeowner’s Rights When Removing a Lodger

Eviction of Lodgers Recently, Schorr Law’s lead real estate attorney Zachary Schorr was asked to […]