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The Trade Fixtures Doctrine

What are Trade Fixtures for Commercial Leases?

It is not atypical for commercial tenants to heavily invest into their leased premises to […]

Zachary Schorr Discusses Landlord Tenant Issues on National Radio

Zachary Schorr Discusses Landlord Tenant Issues on National Radio

This morning, Schorr Law’s Zachary Schorr, was on XM Satellite Radio’s The Lisa Valentine Clark […]

Negotiating Exclusive Use Provisions

Negotiating Exclusive Use Provisions

In a prior post, we introduced the topic of exclusive use provisions, which are used to […]

base year in a Commercial Lease

What is a “base year” in Commercial Leases?

Before we explain the importance of a base year in commercial leases, it is important […]


Usable Versus Rentable Square Footage

Schorr Law’s lead commercial real estate attorney was recently quoted on a popular website – […]


Commercial Leasing – Rentable versus Usable Square Footgage

What is the difference between rentable and usable square feet? This difference is important to […]


Los Angeles Commercial Lease Counseling – Arbitration Provisions

Arbitration Provisions in Commercial Leases Continuing our series on important things to consider when you […]


Commercial Lease Counseling – Exclusive Use Provisions

At Schorr Law, our commercial lease attorneys frequently provide our clients with advice regarding commercial […]


Can a Landlord Enter Rental Property During a Commercial Tenancy?

Certain circumstances warrant a landlord’s entry onto the rental property during a commercial tenancy.  Generally, […]