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Murr v. Wisconsin (“Murr”) – Regulatory Takings After Murr Decision

Under the 5th Amendment real property owners have a constitutional right to just compensation whenever […]


Compensation for Business Owners in Eminent Domain

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Fair Market Value as Measure of Compensation for Eminent Domain

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Elements of an Inverse Condemnation Action

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Understanding Eminent Domain and Just Compensation An eminent domain proceeding is essentially a government’s right […]

Don’t Miss the New Due Date for Jury Fee Deposits in California

Eminent Domain: Just Compensation in California

At Schorr Law our attorneys have experience dealing with public agencies exercising the right to […]

Don’t Miss the New Due Date for Jury Fee Deposits in California

Easement Vs Private Eminent Domain Use

An easement is a special right granted by the government to one party, usually landowners, […]