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About Us

For the past nearly 14 years, the real estate attorneys at Schorr Law have dedicated themselves to mastering the craft of real estate litigation. Unlike other law firms, Schorr Law has one focus, and one specialty — real estate. By developing this expertise in real estate, our attorneys understand the subtle nuances of real estate matters to a depth and degree that only comes through constantly crafting new theories and strategies to meet our client’s specific real estate needs. We firmly believe this specialized skill set sets us apart from other attorneys in Los Angeles who may dabble in real estate but do not possess the depth of experience and institutional knowledge.

There is no routine case at Schorr Law. Instead, we develop a case specific approach for each matter that focuses on our clients’ goals along side a very active cost/benefit analysis. This means you will get a custom approach to your case. Our attorneys are constantly crafting new and creative strategies to help our clients achieve the best results possible even if through unusual approaches at times. We are ready to provide you with an energetic, results—oriented, system of dispute resolution that has lead to an enormous amount of success since the firm’s founding in 2005.

Zachary Schorr

Mr. Schorr leads Schorr Law, A Professional Corporation in Southern California. Read More

Stephanie Goldstein

Ms. Goldstein is a litigator with Schorr Law’s real estate litigation team. Read More

Randy Aguirre

Randy Aguirre is a real estate associate with Schorr Law. Read More

Valerie Li

Valerie Li is an associate on Schorr Law’s real estate litigation team. Read More

Carina Woo

Carina Woo is an associate on Schorr Law’s real estate litigation team. Read More

Stephanie Yang

Ms. Yang is an associate on Schorr Law’s real estate litigation team. Read More

Arash Ghadooshahy

Arash Ghadooshahy is an associate on Schorr Law’s real estate litigation team. Read More


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We are happy to provide free consults for all qualified matters.
Landlord and tenant matters require a fee.

Practice Areas

Quiet Title / Partition

Quiet Title and Partition disputes are commonly known for happening when owners of property disagree on the ownership of the property. A Quiet Title action clears defects in title, while a Partition Action is the splitting or forced sale of property... Read More


An Easement gives the right and allows use of real property that you do not own or possess. Mostly all easements involve a continued relationship with land. Some of the different types of easements include... Read More

Purchase and Sale

Purchase and Sale disputes come in a variety of different forms. These types of disputes often happen during the purchase and sale of real property, and sometimes after the transaction has already happened... Read More

General Real Estate Disputes

As real estate attorneys in Los Angeles, it is important to be able to litigate all types of disputes. Schorr Law also offers representation in: specific performance, adverse possession, real estate fraud, and more... Read More

Commercial Lease Disputes and Counseling

Commercial lease disputes always arise, even if there is a highly detailed lease. These disputes usually concern the provisions in the lease. Schorr Law now compliments its litigation with counseling for commercial leases. Read More

Probate Litigation

Probate disputes involve resolving any disputes that concern the assets of a person who is deceased. The probate court typically assists the parties identify the assets, and distribute the property between the heirs, among other things... Read More


“We would not be living in our house if it was not for Zach Schorr. We found Schorr Law on Avvo and, on meeting him, we immediately knew that we had found the right lawyer. We were involved in a protracted specific performance lawsuit over a short-sale (a breach of contract issue) and through Zach’s tenacity we finally prevailed. We initially approached a big-name downtown law firm who required a very large retainer and yet, still seemed disinterested. Zach understood the parameters of our case and our limited budget and from that moment on became our committed and tenacious advocate. When faced with Zach’s legal knowledge and determination the other side capitulated; and we saved the expense of going to court. He always returned calls or emails promptly and he guided us through the legal labyrinth with great clarity. We always knew what was going on and what to expect. His retainer was more than reasonable as were his fees – and he was always very conscious of trying to minimise our costs (much appreciated). Without hesitation, we would recommend Zach Schorr, Esq and Schorr Law to anyone.”
Former client on Specific Performance Case (taken from Avvo Review)
“I would not hesitate recommending Mr. Schorr as he is an excellent attorney. He represented me in a suit for specific performance when the seller of the home I was purchasing tried to back out of the contract. Mr. Schorr’s performance in court was exceptional. In the end, he not only won my case and defended me from a counter claim, he also won my attorney’s fees. I would give him more than five stars if I could”
Former client on Specific Performance Case (taken from Avvo review)
“I congratulate you again for moving me to do to that, I appreciate the fact that you educated me on the law such that I made a decision, I am confident, will be sustained on appeal, or affirm that [on] appeal.”
Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge
“I think your analysis of the facts and the law compelled an outcome that was probably not the outcome I would have had had you never been in the case. But you were in the case and you convinced me of the curtness of your position and it was a total victory.”
Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge
“I always enjoy hearing your argument. In fact, you were so good in this trial that you convinced me that the law requires that your client win. And, so I struggled and kicked and fought because it wasn’t particularly the outcome I wanted to have. But, it’s not all about me. ….At the end of the day I said, you are right.”
Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge
“Wasn’t this a total victory? This is like victory in Europe, you know? You invade. You go all the way into Berlin. The last bunker falls. Total Victory. Unconditional Surrender. You Won………Again, congratulate you on total victory. You are the Eisenhower of this litigation.”
Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge
“Schorr Law’s client would “have been well-served had Mr. Schorr been her counsel ab inito, I think he’s come into this case and taken what others have done and tried to make the best possible outcome.”
Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge
“Best to you and the family personally and thanks to your wonderful staff. I am more than satisfied with this outcome, you all went way beyond the call of duty and in a most professional manner, you should all be very proud.”
Gabor Lukin
“I’ve known Zach for several years now and have worked with him on a variety of real estate transactions in which he successfully navigated us away from many financial disasters. He has been so crucial in helping us with not only in his thorough knowledge of contracts, but in intense negotiations with major banks with phenomenal results! He truly is the most outstanding attorney I’ve ever known. What I also love is his caring nature mixed in with his straight forward “no holds barred” opinion which is rare with most attorneys. He’s upfront, honest, and won’t ever lead you down a road that he feels is not to your benefit. In other words, he won’t lie to you just for his gain but quick to inform you upfront on what to expect. It’s obvious that his interest is only for the sake of helping his clients.”
Jo Steele, Steele VFX
Who we are:
Schorr Law is a Los Angeles based boutique law firm that specializes in real estate law. Our team of 5 attorneys works closely together to help our Clients obtain positive results. We stay on top of trending real estate matters, and the ever-changing law, so that our knowledge is always up to date. Our Clients are our priority, and we strive to keep all of our clients satisfied.
Why We're Different:
Our focus is singular - Real Estate. That means when you come to Schorr Law, our team of real estate attorneys will provide a depth of expertise in real estate matters that we believe is unparalleled. We are not generalists; we have a real focus - real estate.
Why Schorr Law?
Our Real Estate Attorneys in Los Angeles have handled many real estate related disputes, and have had a lot of success. Schorr Law will provide you with a different approach to each matter, created uniquely for each client to achieve the best possible results for you. Schorr Law knows real estate law very well. Call and schedule a consultation with our attorneys, and you will see for yourself what Schorr Law has to offer.


Commercial Property Owners
Residential Property owners
Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate
Real Estate Agents and Brokers
Landlords and Tenants
Real Estate Investors/Developers


Achieved a $4.618 Million fraud judgment against a real estate developer, attorney, and construction company.
Wins/Results 1
Obtained a judgment for adverse possession 100% in favor of his client against Schorr Law's client's previous co-tenant concerning an approximately $4 Million Hancock Park property after a 3 week bench trial.
Wins/Results 2
Successfully defeated a $2.775 million dollar claim for specific performance for the sale of a 9-unit apartment building in Redondo Beach.
Wins/Results 3
Resolution of an ownership dispute involving over $25 million.
Wins/Results 4
Obtained an arbitration award in favor of clients being sued for alleged failure to disclosure in connection with real property with no money awarded to the claimant.
Wins/Results 5

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