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For the past nearly 14 years, the real estate attorneys at Schorr Law have dedicated themselves to mastering the craft of real estate litigation. Unlike other law firms, Schorr Law has one focus, and one specialty — real estate. By developing this expertise in real estate, our attorneys understand the subtle nuances of real estate matters to a depth and degree that only comes through constantly crafting new theories and strategies to meet our client’s specific real estate needs. We firmly believe this specialized skill set sets us apart from other attorneys in Los Angeles who may dabble in real estate but do not possess the depth of experience and institutional knowledge.

There is no routine case at Schorr Law. Instead, we develop a case specific approach for each matter that focuses on our clients’ goals along side a very active cost/benefit analysis. This means you will get a custom approach to your case. Our attorneys are constantly crafting new and creative strategies to help our clients achieve the best results possible even if through unusual approaches at times. We are ready to provide you with an energetic, results—oriented, system of dispute resolution that has lead to an enormous amount of success since the firm’s founding in 2005.


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Practice Areas

Quiet Title / Partition

Quiet Title and Partition disputes are known for happening when property owners disagree on the ownership of the property. Quiet Title actions clear defects in title, and Partition Actions... Read More


Easements give the right to and allow use of real property that you do not own. Most easements involve a continued relationship with land. Some of the different types of easements include... Read More

Purchase and Sale

Purchase and Sale disputes come in different forms. These disputes often happen during the purchase and sale of real property. Sometimes after the transaction has already happened... Read More

Commercial Lease Disputes and Counseling

Commercial lease disputes always arise, even if there is a highly detailed lease. These disputes usually concern the provisions in the lease. Schorr Law now… Read More


$4.618 million fraud judgment against a real estate developer, attorney and construction company

Successfully Negotiated the Terms of a $10 Million estate financing deal

“…you were so good in this trial that you convinced me that the law requires that your client win…”


-Judge, Los Angeles County Superior Court

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