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The Riverside County real estate lawyers at Schorr Law are not like others law firms in the area that generalize in different areas of law. The attorneys at Schorr Law focus on one area of law only: real estate law. Schorr Law's focus on real estate law has allowed its attorneys to understand the real nuances of disputes involving real estate. This comes from having to continually brainstorm and craft new strategies and theories for each matter. We believe this skill set sets us apart from other Real Estate attorneys servicing Riverside County that may dabble in real estate but do not possess the depth of experience and institutional knowledge.

Schorr Law has handled several cases in Riverside County. With a population of over 2,000,000 people, and over 800,000 housing units, Riverside County is prone to have many real estate disputes. Some of the matters our real estate attorneys have handled in Riverside County include a quiet title action, an easement matter, and a probate matter, to name a few.

Schorr Law is currently servicing the following cities within Riverside County: Riverside, Corona, Temecula, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indio, Cabazon, and more!

Riverside Real Estate Law - FAQs

Does Schorr Law Represent Clients in Riverside County?

Yes. Over the past 17+ years Schorr Law has helped many clients with their legal disputes. We have experience going to court throughout Riverside, CA from the historic courthouse downtown Riverside to the modern courthouse in Indio. We have represented clients all over Riverside County.

Types Of Matters Handled By Our Real Estate Lawyers in Riverside

Our real estate lawyers handle real estate disputes throughout Riverside and all over California. In Riverside County itself, here a non-exclusive representative list of matters we have handled:

  • A real property ownership dispute in Palm Springs in a historic mid-century modern neighborhood where our client claimed an unrecorded interest in real property based on an agreement for services with a Hollywood socialite who later in life tried to undo her real property promise.
  • An eminent domain matter involving land being acquired by a local municipality for development of a large right of way.
  • Unlawful detainer matters
  • An ownership and use dispute involving property enjoying special zoning and permitting privileges for Cannabis production
  • An easement dispute in Rancho Mirage involving two neighboring restaurants that shared driveways and parking facilities.
  • Numerous easement disputes involving prescriptive easement claims on rural property
  • A large fraud, embezzlement and real estate ownership dispute spanning both Riverside County and San Bernardino County where we helped a foreign investor recover $1 million in funds invested while working hand and hand with the District Attorney’s office to enforce the large restitution payment.
  • Quiet title matter involving mining rights.
  • Quiet title matters involving clearing old liens (deeds of trust) that improperly encumbered title
  • Purchase and sale disputes

Are You Up To Date on Different County Requirements?

We have handled an extensive amount of litigation in Riverside County. Accordingly, we are familiar with local rules and filing for court proceedings. Moreover, because we frequently handle matters in Riverside County we are active within the court filing system and can quickly process filings.

How Can You Represent Me if You Are in a Different City Within California?

Easily. We represent clients all over the State of California. We can do phone/zoom meetings or meet in person at the property at issue. We are frequently in Riverside County, making meetings easy. And, in today’s modern practice of law, a large amount of your case regardless of what city you are in, and regardless of an attorney’s proximity to a courthouse, are done remotely. The practice of law has evolved with the pandemic making it easier to pick the counsel of your choice and the best counsel regardless of their location in California.

Why Should You Choose Schorr Law Over Other Real Estate Attorneys in Riverside County?

If you are looking for a real estate attorney to handle your matter in Riverside County, look for a firm that does real estate law as an expertise, not as a general practice. Not only does Schorr Law focus primarily on real estate law, but it is all the firm handles. Schorr Law isn't like other firms that cover various areas of law. Schorr Law's attorneys are known as experts in the field by many. Because of this, they are frequently sought after to not only provide legal commentary on national news and media outlets, but also to present at educational seminars nationwide. We invite you to contact our office and schedule a consultation with one of our lead attorneys so that you can test our expertise yourselves.

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