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Commercial Lease Dispute Attorney Los Angeles

No matter how detailed a lease is, or how thoroughly it was developed and reviewed, disputes can still arise concerning the provisions of the lease. When these disputes arise, it is important that you seek a qualified real estate attorney.

What kind of commercial lease disputes are there?

Commercial leasing disputes can take many forms.  Our firm has handled countless commercial leasing disputes over the past 15 years. Examples of commercial leasing disputes we have handled include the following, non-exhaustive list:

  • Non-payment of rent
  • Unauthorized assignment
  • Common area maintenance expenses dispute
  • Interference with right of quiet enjoyment
  • Enforcement of exclusive use provision
  • Ground lease disputes
  • Disputes involving gas tax based on gas station lease
  • Lease and business interference claims arising from lessor’s conduct on leased premises
  • Unlawful detainers
  • Disputes involving property tax re-assessment stemming from long term lease
  • Anti-Slapp Motions involving service a notice to quit
  • Nuisance based on unwarranted trespasses on leased property
  • Improper subleasing
  • Common area maintenance disputes regarding parking lot expenses
  • Fraudulent Transfer arising out of commercial lease default
  • Bankruptcy stays and relief from the automatic stay to evict a commercial tenant
  • Enforcement of lease option extension
  • Negotiation of lease amendment fair market rent
  • Dangerous and illegal activity on leased property
  • Cannabis related commercial leasing disputes
  • Fixture disputes
  • Enforcement of purchase option
  • Commercial lease guarantor disputes

Can a landlord sue me if I break my commercial lease early?

Definitely.   If your business breaks its commercial lease early and does not come to a formal written agreement with the landlord, then the landlord may sue your business or you if you personally guaranteed the lease.

Does Schorr Law represent tenants or landlords in commercial lease disputes?

We frequently represent both landlords and tenants in commercial lease disputes.

We offer legal representation for the following commercial lease disputes:

  • Enforcement of exclusive use provisions;
  • Commercial Unlawful Detainer;
  • Commercial Premises liability;
  • Breach of Lease;
  • Acquisitions;
  • Pass-through provisions;
  • Common area maintenance provisions;
  • Recapture provisions;
  • Brokerage agreements;
  • Additional areas

Examples of prior commercial lease disputes that our attorneys have handled:

  • A multi-million dollar commercial lease dispute involving the purchase option contained in a commercial lease for the purchase of a multi-million dollar piece of commercial real property for use by a large publicly-traded company;
  • A breach of repair and maintenance obligations contained in a commercial lease for a large industrial warehouse;
  • Representation of a commercial tenant forced to vacate leased commercial retail space due to a landlord’s failure to meet conditions in the lease.
  • Negotiation of early termination rights for a large national retail chain’s Santa Monica store;
  • Representation of commercial retail establishment for enforcement of an exclusive use provision;

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