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Eviction and Unlawful Detainer Attorney in Los Angeles CA

An unlawful detainer is the process by which a commercial or residential landlord evicts a tenant for failure to pay rent, or failure to comply with a covenant in the lease. We have represented both commercial and residential landlords and tenants in eviction cases.

This area of the law, like so many others, requires extreme attention to detail to make sure that all procedural requirements are met.

We offer our clients counseling and representation throughout the unlawful detainer process. This includes, drafting 3-Day and 30-Day Notices, preparing unlawful detainer complaints and responses, getting the defendants served, requesting an immediate trial, obtaining judgments, obtaining writs of possession and then causing the Sheriff’s Department to serve a notice to vacate. We have the experience representing both landlords and tenants to provide you the most effective representation possible.

Need help with your unlawful detainer but cannot hire an attorney? Don't worry, Schorr Law can still help! Our own Lead Real estate Trial Attorney in Los Angeles, Zachary Schorr, wrote a California Unlawful Detainer Guide titled, How to Defend Yourself in a California Unlawful Detainer. You can purchase the book through Amazon Kindle here.



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