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different partition action outcomes

Different Partition Action Outcomes

Like any other lawsuits, the outcome of a partition action depends on the particular type […]

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Post-Probate Partition for Inherited Property

What to do in a dispute with family member over inherited property, post-probate. At the […]

Attorneys Fees in Partition Cases – Schorr Law Argues Appeal

Last week, Schorr Law was fortunate to get the opportunity to argue a partition attorneys […]


What is a Partition Action?

Sometimes, when two (or more) people own the same piece of real property, they will […]


Partition and Adverse Possession

A typical partition case involves two or more co-owners having a dispute about whether their […]


What is the Chain of Title?

What is the Chain of Title? In real estate terms, the┬áChain of Title is exactly […]


Schorr Law Gets Partition Fees Awarded for Common Benefit

As busy Los Angeles partition attorneys we are constantly litigating partition matters throughout Southern California. […]


Demanding an Accounting in a Partition Claim

In California, especially in Southern California, our Los Angeles partition attorneys litigate a large number […]


Partitioning Property Without A Referee

At Schorr Law, our Los Angeles based partition attorneys have a great deal of experience […]