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purchasing commercial property

Purchasing Commercial Property

There are many aspects to consider when purchasing commercial property. The process usually takes time and […]

The California Civil Code Section 1950.7 Waiver

The California Civil Code Section 1950.7 Waiver

What is the California Civil Code Section 1950.7 waiver? In the commercial landlord-tenant market, landlords […]

Commercial Tenancies and Mitigation

Commercial Tenancies and Mitigation

Commercial tenancies are governed by statute and the terms of lease.  This blog discusses two […]

Issues When Negotiating Co-Tenancy Clauses in Commercial Leases

Negotiating Commercial Lease Co-Tenancy Clauses

There are a couple of issues to look for when negotiating co-tenancy clauses in commercial […]

base year in a Commercial Lease

What is a “base year” in Commercial Leases?

Before we explain the importance of a base year in commercial leases, it is important […]

pop-up shops

Pop-Up Shops

There is no question that e-commerce has changed the consumer landscape.  Consumers are turning more […]

breakdown of gross up provision

The Gross Up Provision: A Breakdown

This is a general introduction into the gross up provision within commercial leases. What is […]

Does Your Property Comply With The ADA?

Worried about whether your property complies with the ADA? Many California business owners are worried […]


Estimated Rent in Commercial Tenancies CCP 1161.1

Unlike residential unlawful detainer actions, in commercial unlawful detainers the landlord is allowed to provide […]