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Construction, Maintenance, and Repair of a Boundary Fence

Construction, Maintenance, and Repair of a Boundary Fence

Who is responsible for the construction, maintenance, and/or repair of a division or boundary fence? […]

Continuing vs Permanent Trespass

Continuing vs Permanent Trespass

The statute of limitations for trespass is three years.  However, the time the statute of […]

Neighboring Fence Maintenance

Neighboring Fence Maintenance

Maintaining a harmonious and neighborly relationship requires adjoining landowners to adhere to several duties.  These […]

What to look for in property survey

What to Look For In a Property Survey

Purchasers of commercial and residential real estate property may come across recorded surveys or request […]

grandfathered rights

Understanding “Grandfathered Rights”

What are these so called grandfathered rights? When facing a property dispute, many astute homeowners […]

APN Numbers

How to: Reading APN numbers

When you are reading a deed or other document describing real property, you will often […]

Regulatory Takings After Murr

Under the 5th Amendment real property owners have a constitutional right to just compensation whenever the […]

Help! My Neighbor Is Building A Fence

It’s a classic problem for homeowners, especially homeowners in a densely populated area like Los […]

What is the Agreed-Boundary Doctrine?

California law recognizes the right of two adjoining landowners to agree on a specific line […]