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Los Angeles Real Estate Expert Testimony

From time to time civil cases and even criminal cases require the use of an expert witness on real estate matters. Schorr Law’s lead real estate attorney in Los Angeles California, Zachary D. Schorr, offers his services as an expert witness on a wide array of real estate issues. Mr. Schorr has been designated as an expert witness in different matters involving real estate disputes in Los Angeles County.

Mr. Schorr has experience with expert witness consulting, including:

  • Ouster Claims
  • Non-Disclosure Claims
  • Premises Liability

Mr. Schorr has had his original work published at least 5 times (4 Legal Journals and 1 eBook). He has lead 3 seminars on real estate issues and has been quoted at least 40 other times in publications ranging from US News and World Report to CBS Money Watch. He has also been featured as a legal expert on Dr. Phil, ABC’s World News Tonight and ABC’s Nightline.

For more information on using Zachary D. Schorr as a real estate expert witness or as an attorney in your case, do not hesitate to contact us.

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