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Within the past couple of years, Schorr Law’s representation of clients in San Diego has grown. What sets us apart from other real estate attorneys in San Diego? Well, Schorr Law’s focus is real estate law only. The firm does not handle other areas of law as other firms do, it only has one focus, and one expertise. This focus and expertise has allowed Schorr Law’s attorneys to really dive deep into the real estate law realm. Whether you are in San Diego CA, or other cities in California, Schorr Law is here to help with your real estate dispute.

Schorr Law is currently servicing the following cities within San Diego County: Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Coronado, Del Mar, El Cajon, Encinitas, Escondido, Imperial Beach, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, National City, Oceanside, Poway, San Diego, San Marcos, Santee, Solana Beach, and Vista.

San Diego Real Estate Law - FAQ's

Does Schorr Law Represent Clients in San Diego, CA?

Yes. Over the past 17+ years Schorr Law has helped many clients with their legal disputes. We have represented clients all over San Diego County.

Types of Matters Our Real Estate Lawyers Can Handle in San Diego

Below is a list of the types of matters that can be and have been handled by our real estate attorneys in San Diego County:

  • San Diego Mortgage Deed Disputes:
    • A real estate mortgage broker dispute where a broker duped an elderly person into a mortgage on unfavorable terms. In this case, which we filed in Downtown San Diego we sued a broker for breach of fiduciary duty after the broker misrepresented the contents of a loan document to our client.  The broker tried to avoid liability based on the documents themselves but we found good law that said that in the fiduciary context our client was entitled to rely on what the broker had told her.
  • San Diego Easement Disputes:
    • Our attorneys have represented clients in easement disputes involving neighboring properties. We can help clients with disputes in San Diego involving prescriptive easements, equitable easements, irrevocable licenses and all sorts of boundary issues.
    • We can help throughout San Diego County with matters involving the actual legal description of properties not matching what is on the properties.  This type of dispute occurs where, for example, someone has been using a driveway for years and then a neighbor gets a survey, and the survey indicates that the driveway actually crosses the legal lot line.  What do you do?  Call us and we can help you navigate the issue for either side of the property line.
  • San Diego Quiet Title Disputes:
    • Schorr Law offers representation in quiet title actions to help clear defects in title, resolve lien priority disputes, and to determine who has the right to be on title to real property.
    • One recent example where we are helping resolve a quit title dispute in San Diego is for a client who is on title to her property, but she is claiming that she added someone on title to the property, but that person does not have an ownership interest in the property.  We filed a quiet title action in San Diego County to get him removed from title.
  • San Diego Partition Disputes:
    • With vast experience handling these types of matters, our partition dispute attorneys can help with disputes arising out of property co-owners disagreeing on whether or not to retain ownership of property. Partition disputes arise in San Diego, just like in other jurisdictions.  Our approach is hopefully to work out a deal amongst the parties where they either agree to sell the property on the market or have one of the parties by the other party out of ownership.  That said, sometimes in the disputes we have to use the San Diego County court system to go through the process of forcing a sale.
  • San Diego Purchase and Sale Disputes:
    • Schorr Law's purchase and sale dispute attorneys offer representation in disputes that can arise from a purchase and sale transaction. We have done a wide array of purchase and sale disputes.  In fact, recently we litigate a dispute in San Diego County involving an apartment base near the Coronado military base where our clients thought they had entered into a deal to purchase a 5-unit apartment building but it turned out only 4 of the units were properly permitted.  We came in to help resolve both the non-disclosure issues as well as figuring out a way to either piece the deal back together or get damages.
    • The most common types of purchase and sale disputes are either (1) specific performance, where one party is trying to force through a sale in San Diego County where the other party is refusing to sell. Or (2) non-disclosure cases arising out of a material condition on the property that the seller is claimed to have failed to have disclose resulting in damages.
  • San Diego Boundary Line Disputes:
    • Boundary line disputes are very common, but luckily our real estate attorneys can help you resolve your boundary dispute no matter which side of the fence you are on.
    • We have experience throughout the State of California in both residential or commercial property lot line disputes.  These types of disputes usually come from the very common fact that a portion of the physical characteristics of a property – like a garage, driveway or fence – not being built to conform with the property’s actual lot lines.  Usually, a new survey reveals a long standing problem that the parties then have to figure out a way to resolve.
  • General San Diego Real Estate Disputes:
    • We have all sorts of other real estate disputes we handle.  One dispute we were asked to consult on in San Diego County involved a a property donation to a large San Diego based research institution where the donor’s heir alleged the research institute had mismanaged the San Diego property and devalued it.
    • We helped a San Diego based real estate property management company in a licensing dispute with the California Department of Real Estate and got the complaint and accusations against the client dismissed without even having to pay the typical administrative fees for such a dismissal.
    • Because Schorr Law has been actively litigating all types of real estate disputes for the past 18 years, we have a wide array of experience that can help you resolve your San Diego real estate matter – we especially enjoy the unusual ones.

Are You Up To Date On Different County Requirements?

We have handled an extensive amount of litigation in San Diego County. Accordingly, we are familiar with local rules and filing for court proceedings. Moreover, because we frequently handle matters in San Diego County we are active within the court filing system and can quickly process filings.

How Can You Represent Me if You Are in a Different City Within California?

Easily. We represent clients all over the State of California. We can do phone/zoom meetings or meet in person at the property at issue. We are frequently in San Diego County, making meetings easy. And, in today’s modern practice of law, a large amount of your case regardless of what city you are in, and regardless of an attorney’s proximity to a courthouse, are done remotely. The practice of law has evolved with the pandemic making it easier to pick the counsel of your choice and the best counsel regardless of their location in California.

Why Should You Choose Schorr Law Over Other Real Estate Attorneys in San Diego County?

If you are looking for a real estate attorney to handle your matter in San Diego County, look for the firm that does your area of law as an expertise, not a general practice. Not only does Schorr Law focus on real estate law, but it is all we do. Schorr Law is not like other firms that generalize in various areas of law. Our attorneys are known as experts in the field by many which is why we are frequently sought after to not only provide legal commentary on national news and media outlets, but also sought out to present at national educational seminars. We invite you to call our office and schedule a consultation with one of our lead attorneys so that you can test our expertise yourselves.

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