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Los Angeles Boundary Dispute Lawyer

Our real estate lawyers in Los Angeles have vast experience representing clients in many boundary line disputes, boundary disputes resulting in easements, lot line adjustments, and encroachments.  We often refer to these as “extraterritorial disputes”. Schorr Law’s boundary dispute attorneys have represented clients throughout Southern California and beyond to the limits of California’s own boundaries. No matter where you are located within the state, our real estate attorneys in Los Angeles are here to help.

What is a Boundary Dispute/ Property Line Dispute?

Simply put, a boundary line dispute is exactly what it sounds like – a dispute with neighboring properties concerning the parties’ respective rights relative to the recorded boundary lines.

These types of disputes (also known as lot line disputes) typically arise when a property owner either has recently purchased a property and gets a survey done, or has owned the property for many years but gets a survey done to make improvements on the property.

The disputes come about when owners see that the neighboring properties are taking up a portion of their garage, driveway, or front/ back yard.

Typically, one property owner wants the parties to adhere to the legal boundaries as shown on a survey while the other property owner claims they have developed extraterritorial rights through use – an easement or an irrevocable license.

We have represented parties on both sides of these types of disputes and know the key arguments to create the greatest likelihood of success.

How to Find Out Where Your Property Line Is

How to tell where your property line is or should be? Sounds pretty straight forward - a property line should be or is wherever yours and your neighbor’s fences are. Right?

Well, not always. A simple way to figure out where your property lines are is by hiring a surveyor. But the formal survey is just the starting point – use can come into play.

Disputes Arising from Boundary Line Issues

Our Los Angeles California boundary line dispute attorneys have litigated various lot line dispute in varying scenarios and situations. Some of what our attorneys have done in these types of matters include helping clients with disputes arising out the placement of a retaining wall, the usage of an area dedicated to an HOA's common use, and a dispute arising out of a neighbor's placement and creation of a patio over another neighbor's property.

How Our Boundary Line Dispute Attorneys In Los Angeles Can Help

At Schorr Law our California boundary line attorneys are on the front lines of lot line disputes. We have litigated boundary and lot line disputes through its many stages, including taking cases to trial.

Accordingly, because we frequently litigate these types of disputes, we know many of the ins, outs, and pitfalls that many less experienced attorneys make. In California, we think our hands on experience with boundary and lot line disputes for commercial and residential properties is unparalleled. As active litigators, we thrive on the opportunity to litigate these disputes in court and are quite comfortable doing so.

Representative Matters

At Schorr Law our real estate attorneys have experience with all types of boundary line dispute matters. The following is a representative sampling of some of the boundary dispute matters we have handled:

  • A dispute in Rancho Palos Verdes regarding the placement of retaining wall over the lot line on a neighbor’s property;
  • A dispute in Beverly Hills involving a neighbor creating a small retreat on a neighbor’s yard;
  • A dispute in the Long Beach/Signal Hill area concerning a shared strip mall parking lot and maintenance obligations;
  • A dispute in Orange County regarding a yard easement on a zero lot line lot’;
  • A dispute in Pomona, California involving a driveway built over the property line with 20+ years of use;
  • A dispute in Hollywood involving a celebrity’s use of a front yard court yard that extended beyond the lot line with an enclosed wall for mega-celebrity’s privacy;
  • A dispute in Brentwood – off Mulholland over a $20 million dollar hilltop home and the neighbor’s placement of caissons on their property along with access rights;
  • A dispute in Culver City, California involving a driveway and metal driveway gate that extended beyond property lines;
  • A dispute in Beverlywood (neighborhood in West Los Angeles) involving the improper placement of fence over a neighbor’s property line and the inability to move the fence;
  • A dispute in Calabasas, California involving the a property owner’s use of area dedicated for a homeowner’s association common use;
  • A dispute in on Mt. Washington (Los Angeles) involving a neighbor’s placement of tile and creation of a patio over another neighbor’s yard;
  • A dispute in Palm Springs/Rancho Mirage (Riverside County) involving a shared parking lot that crossed boundary lines for two active restaurants along Highway 111;
  • We have hundreds more examples, the above list is just a representative sample.

Areas of Clients Represented in California

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