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As a California real estate law firm we understand the intricacies and challenges that may develop when it comes to real estate litigation. Our top-rated California real estate attorneys have a thorough understanding of the state and local laws, regulations, and practices that govern California real estate law. This is what allows us to easily represent clients state-wide.

At Schorr Law, we represent a wide range of real estate clients, including commercial and residential buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, developers, investors, and real estate agents in various types of real estate matters.

Our Real Estate Practice Areas

Our real estate attorneys in California specialize in many real estate practice areas. Some of these include:

Real Estate Litigation and Trial: As California real estate litigation attorneys, our firm has extensive experience in real estate litigation, including breach of contract, fraud, and non-disclosure claims.

Partition Actions: Our California Partition attorneys, it is our job to get you through your partition action. Whether the dispute is between family members, business partners, friends, or other co-owners, these disputes can be complex and emotionally charged. Our California partition attorneys are here to represent you all the way through.

Quiet Title Actions: Our California quiet title attorneys are focused on achieving our clients' goals through strategic and thoughtful analysis to get you your quiet title. Quiet Title disputes can arise when there are competing claims to ownership or use of a property, and can be complex and time-consuming to resolve. Thankfully, our California quiet title attorneys have navigated through may of these types of disputes for our clients.

Purchase and Sale Disputes: As California purchase and sale dispute attorneys, we help clients with their purchase and sale disputes whether it is for a commercial or residential property. Disputes such as non-disclosure and specific performance are some of the areas our attorneys offer representation in.

Real Estate Fraud: As California real estate fraud attorneys, our focus is on representing clients who have been the victims of fraudulent real estate transactions. These types of cases can involve a wide range of fraudulent activities, including misrepresentation of property values, failure to disclose material defects, mortgage fraud, and more.

Easement Disputes: Schorr Law’s California easement dispute attorneys specialize in resolving conflicts related to easements. Easements are legal rights that allow one party to use another party's property for a specific purpose. Disputes can arise when the parties are seeking an easement, disagree on the scope or extent of the easement, or when one party believes the other has violated the terms of the easement agreement. Our California Easement dispute attorneys have the expertise to negotiate, mediate, or litigate these conflicts.

Areas of Clients Represented in California

Alameda County

Oakland – Alameda County

  • We represented a homeowner/tenant in a high stakes litigation concerning the sale of a home loan as a part of a package of loans by a national bank to a Delaware trust that through a very difficult discovery process we were able to determine did not exist. This led to a large settlement payment to our client.

Contra Costa County

Danville – Contra Costa County

Lafayette – Contra Costa County

Humboldt County

Humboldt - Humboldt County

  • We represented a homeowner in a dispute with his neighbor concerning property boundaries in a rural area of the county where there had been previous agreements regarding the use of the neighbor’s property and a natural dividing point based on a steep hillside.

Eureka – Humboldt County

Los Angeles County

Los Angeles - LAC

Beverly Hills – LAC

  • Represented a seller of real property in Beverly Hills proper who tried to back out of a purchase and sale contract. The case involved an extensive investigation into the loan qualification and whether the buyer was ready, willing and able to perform on the contract at all times in order to seek specific performance.

Burbank - LAC

Calabasas – LAC

  • Represented a celebrity in a purchase and sale dispute concerning a residential home purchased with inadequate disclosures by the seller.
  • Represented a homeowner in his dispute with a neighbor concerning fencing issues and the scope of a recorded easement.

Culver City – LAC

  • Represented an elderly woman who had a dispute with her next door neighbor concerning the use of her driveway, a portion of which encroached upon the neighbor’s yard.
  • Represented a restaurant in a dispute with the restaurant’s landlord concerning an option to extend the commercial lease.

Glendale - LAC

Inglewood - LAC

La Mirada- LAC

Long Beach - LAC

Malibu – LAC

  • Represented a home owner who was developing ocean view property and was building an access road through a deeded easement. The neighbor was trying to prevent the developer from building to the full scope of the easement because the previous road had been much narrower.
  • Represented a home owner against the City of Malibu after the City of Malibu denied the homeowner a building permit on vacant land.
  • Represented homeowners in their boundary dispute with their neighbor.
  • Represented a homeowner in his purchase and sale dispute against a listing broker who the homeowner claimed had lied about the square footage on client’s multi-million dollar home purchase.

Norwalk - LAC

Pacific Palisades - LAC

Pasadena – LAC

Pomona – LAC

Santa Clarita - LAC

Santa Monica - LAC

Sierra Madre – LAC

  • Represented the seller of a home who was being sued by the buyer for non-disclosure. The buyer argued that the seller had failed to disclose a report concerning the dangerous condition of a hillside. We successfully arbitrated the case and won.

Topanga – LAC

Torrance – LAC

Vernon - LAC

West Hollywood - LAC

Westchester - LAC

Whittier - LAC

Placer County

Tahoe City – Placer County

Sacramento County

San Louis Obispo County

San Luis Obispo - SLOC

Atascadero – SLOC

  • Represented a homeowner who bought a multi-million dollar home and ranch against a seller and a broker who our client argued had failed to disclose the scope of violations of the Williamson Act.

Paso Robles – SLOC

San Francisco County

  • Represented a real property owner in an effort to clear old liens against a defunct bank.

Santa Clara County

Palo Alto – Santa Clara County

San Jose – Santa Clara County

  • Represented a large national bank in its effort to collect on a balloon payment due at the end of a commercial loan. We took the case to trial and prevailed in the Santa Clara Superior Court.

Santa Barbara County

Santa Maria – Santa Barbara

Santa Cruz County

Wastonville – Santa Cruz County


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