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As a California real estate law firm we understand the intricacies and challenges that may develop when it comes to real estate litigation. Our top-rated California real estate attorneys have a thorough understanding of the state and local laws, regulations, and practices that govern California real estate law. This is what allows us to easily represent clients state-wide.

At Schorr Law, we represent a wide range of real estate clients, including commercial and residential buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, developers, investors, and real estate agents in various types of real estate matters.

Areas of Clients Represented in California

Areas We Serve

Our California Real Estate Attorneys have extensive experience litigating various types of real estate matters throughout the state of California. This has allowed us to stay up to date on local rules and regulations. Our real estate attorneys have litigated matters and represented clients in various cities and counties within California.

Some of the areas we offer representation in are:

Our Real Estate Practice Areas

Our real estate attorneys in California specialize in many real estate practice areas. Some of these include:

Real Estate Litigation and Trial: As California real estate litigation attorneys, our firm has extensive experience in real estate litigation, including breach of contract, fraud, and non-disclosure claims.

Partition Actions: Our California Partition attorneys, it is our job to get you through your partition action. Whether the dispute is between family members, business partners, friends, or other co-owners, these disputes can be complex and emotionally charged. Our California partition attorneys are here to represent you all the way through.

Quiet Title Actions: Our California quiet title attorneys are focused on achieving our clients' goals through strategic and thoughtful analysis to get you your quiet title. Quiet Title disputes can arise when there are competing claims to ownership or use of a property, and can be complex and time-consuming to resolve. Thankfully, our California quiet title attorneys have navigated through may of these types of disputes for our clients.

Purchase and Sale Disputes: As California purchase and sale dispute attorneys, we help clients with their purchase and sale disputes whether it is for a commercial or residential property. Disputes such as non-disclosure and specific performance are some of the areas our attorneys offer representation in.

Real Estate Fraud: As California real estate fraud attorneys, our focus is on representing clients who have been the victims of fraudulent real estate transactions. These types of cases can involve a wide range of fraudulent activities, including misrepresentation of property values, failure to disclose material defects, mortgage fraud, and more.

Easement Disputes: Schorr Law’s California easement dispute attorneys specialize in resolving conflicts related to easements. Easements are legal rights that allow one party to use another party's property for a specific purpose. Disputes can arise when the parties are seeking an easement, disagree on the scope or extent of the easement, or when one party believes the other has violated the terms of the easement agreement. Our California Easement dispute attorneys have the expertise to negotiate, mediate, or litigate these conflicts.

California Real Estate Representative Matters

Real Quiet Title Case

A father sought to recover commercial property that he had placed in his son’s name. After a complex series of ownership arrangements and a falling out between them, the father filed a Quiet Title Lawsuit with the help of Schorr Law. Despite the legal complexities, the court ultimately ruled in the father's favor, affirming his rightful ownership of the property despite the apparent ownership by his son’s company on paper.

Easements and Licenses Case

A client of Schorr Law previously purchased a historic property with a courtyard altered by a previous owner, leading to a dispute with a neighbor over boundary lines and encroachments. Schorr Law argued for prescriptive rights and an irrevocable license, emphasizing historical significance and continuity. The case settled just before trial, highlighting Schorr Law's expertise in resolving easement and license disputes.

Real Partition Case

A co-owned property by a separated couple, in which the mother still lived with their son, became the subject of this Real Estate Partition Case. Disagreements arose about the future plans for said property between the parents; The father sued for partition, and the mother, with the help of Schorr Law, filed a cross-complaint to ensure a sale. The father’s late-submitted evidence was excluded, and the judge ordered a partition sale, reimbursing the mother’s expenses while denying the father’s claims. The case exemplifies the challenges in preventing partition sales with co-owners.

A Specific Performance Case Example

Schorr Law assisted a buyer whose seller canceled a property transaction shortly before closing. With Schorr Law's support, the client sued for specific performance of the purchase agreement, asserting that he had fulfilled his obligations and was ready to proceed. The seller argued certain terms hadn’t been met by the buyer, but Schorr Law successfully proved the buyer's readiness to perform. Despite mediation attempts, the case went to trial where Schorr Law secured the property for the buyer, recovered lost rent, and obtained attorneys' fees. Schorr Law got the client ownership of the property and promptly executed on the judgment to recover all of the client’s attorneys’ fees.
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