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Construction Disputes Attorney Los Angeles

Schorr Law has expanded its construction law practice even further! Our Los Angeles construction attorneys are highly experienced in resolving construction law disputes anywhere from litigating these matters, to settling them.

What is a Construction Dispute?

A constructive dispute in California can take many different forms.  In general, it involves a property owner or home owner’s dispute with a developer or contractor.  Construction law disputes often arise between a whole host of different parties, including but not limited to: contractors, sub-contractors, design professionals, suppliers, property owners, real estate developers, and investors. We frequently see disputes concerning construction mismanagement, neglect, negligence, contractors walking off the job, and other related disputes.

What Kinds of Construction Disputes we Handle

We primarily focus on disputes with individual contractors.    Our firm has handled disputes with contractors, builders, subcontractors, designers and developers involving remodels, new construction, property flipping and related matters.   One of the most prevalent types of cases we deal with, both for commercial and residential proeprty, are disputes involving mechanic’s liens. Mechanic lien cases typically arise out of an underlying dispute with a contractor or subcontractor who has not been paid by the property owner due to disputes about payment and the quality of work. Often times, the contractor or subcontractor improperly uses a mechanic’s lien to cloud title, without a proper basis to do so, to unscrupulously exert leverage over the property owner.  We come in to take charge and correct the situation.

Do you Represent Contractors or Property Owners?

We represent both.  That said, more often we are hired by the property owner to help resolve their dispute with a contractor.  We can help remove mechanic’s liens, resolve billing disputes, and deal with the Contractor’s state license board and bond claims.

Representative matters:

Examples of common construction law disputes include:

  • Disputes between a supplier to a home construction project where the supplier is extremely late in delivering supplies and/or materials to the job site thereby delaying the completion of the project. This may lead to a dispute between the supplier and the contractor/sub-contractor that ordered the supplies. If not quickly resolved, a dispute may also arise between the property owner and the prime contractor who is ultimately responsible for timely completing the project.
  • Real estate developers often rely on design professionals to draft accurate plans for their development projects to be properly built. Occasionally those plans can’t be fully carried due to various unaccounted for site conditions. This leads to disputes between the developer and the design professional and if not quickly resolved could lead to disputes between the developer and its investors.
  • Disputes often arise when unforeseen conditions are discovered when renovating an existing building. For instance, is it the contractor’s fault for not doing a more thorough inspection before providing its firm bid that did not contemplate replacing all the plumbing? Is it something that couldn’t have been discovered without essentially demolishing large portions of the existing building meaning the property owner is responsible for any increased costs via a change order? This is just one example of many of the complicated issues that arise during construction projects.
  • Disputes between a homeowner and a developer often arise when a homeowner purchases a newly constructed single-family residence from a developer and after just a short time of living in the home, the homeowner discovers many construction defects.

Representing Construction Dispute Clients

Schorr Law is currently representing clients in construction disputes involving:

  • Construction Defect Matters;
  • Prosecuting non-disclosure claims on behalf of developers;
  • Contract Disputes;
  • Removing Mechanics Liens;
  • Arbitrating Construction Law related matters;
  • Defending public works contractors in administrative proceedings;
  • And more!

When Should You Call Us to Schedule a Consultation?

If you are having a contractor dispute, you might need a lawyer, like Schorr Law, to step in to help you resolve the dispute. Whether you are the contractor yourself, or the client, you might be needing representation to resolve your matter. Have you already tried to resolve the dispute but it is not going the way you thought or want it to? Are you now thinking of contacting an attorney to represent you? How do you know when is a good time to call Schorr Law to schedule a consultation? Here is a little guide:

  1. Are there substantial damages/ out of pocket expenses? More than $50,000?  This is important because at Schorr Law we do focus on the cost/benefit analysis and want to make sure the damages are substantial enough to justify the investment in attorneys’ fees.
  2. Was there a contract signed? Does it have an attorney fee provision? This can help you recover the cost of an attorney and helps with the cost benefit analysis.
  3. Did someone record a mechanic’s lien?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be a good idea to call us to schedule a consultation with one of our Los Angeles contractor dispute attorneys.

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