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Berkeley's Rent Ordinance

How Berkeley’s Rent Ordinance Affected a Renovation Plan

In this blog post, we discuss how Berkeley’s Rent Ordinance affected a landlord’s plan to […]

zoning laws in california

Understanding Zoning Laws in California – Property Owners Guide

California Zoning Laws – Key Takeaways Zoning Basics: Zoning laws determine land use in various […]

Things to look out for during a property inspection

Things To Look Out For During A Property Inspection

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Tenants in Common Rights and Liabilities

Tenants in Common Rights and Liabilities

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Tenants in Common with Right of Survivorship

Tenants in Common with Right of Survivorship

What it Means to Hold Title as Tenants in Common with Right of Survivorship When […]

What it Means to Transmute Property

What Does It Mean to Transmute Property?

Transmuting property refers to the process of changing the character or ownership of a property […]

Reversing a Trial Court Judgment

Reversal Of Trial Court Judgment in Property Ownership Dispute

Dispute over Ownership of Real Property In the recent case of McMillin v. Eare, the […]

Can Somebody Take Away Property Gifted to You?

Can Somebody Take Back Property Gifted To You Legally?

You receive a property from a family member or friend, but down the line, this […]

Conveying Property You Don't Own

Conveying Property That You Do Not Own

This blog discusses conveyed property in general as well as different scenarios when someone tries […]