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Adverse Possession in Los Angeles, California

Only a few attorneys in California have ever actually tried an adverse possession case. We are different – we have, and we won. Schorr Law’s lead real estate attorney Zachary D. Schorr has successfully tried an adverse possession case in the summer of 2013 and won, acquiring 100% legal and beneficial title to real property in Los Angeles.

In California, adverse possession is a method of gaining legal title to real property by the actual, open, hostile and continuous possession of it and payment of taxes on it for 5 years. While this may seem like an old or seldom used legal theory, it actually has modern day use and consequences.

At Schorr Law, we have been involved with several of these cases, including:

  • Obtaining title to real property by adverse possession in a co-tenant situation in Los Angeles;
  • Using adverse possession in the probate context to argue our client had acquired title to trust property through adverse possession;
  • Using adverse possession to re-assign and acquire a greater percentage of interest in real property in West Los Angeles.

Adverse possession claims have a close relationship to prescriptive easement claims. The overlap between the two types of claims allows us to apply principles learned in both venues. We also frequently litigate prescriptive easement claims.

When Should You Call Us to Schedule a Consultation?

If you think you have adversely possessed a property then the only way to perfect your adverse possession claim is to bring a court action to quiet title to the property via adverse possession.  A successful adverse possession action will allow you to actually change title and become the record title owner.  Are you ready, here are a couple of quick primer questions to consider before you call Schorr Law to help you.

  1. Have you maintained control of the property for at least five continuous years?
  2. Is your possession or control over the past 5 years without the record title holder’s permission?
  3. Have you been paying property taxes for this property? If so, have you paid at least five continuous years of property taxes in a timely manner?

Did you answer yes to these questions? Great! It might be a good time to schedule a consultation with one of our Los Angeles adverse possession attorneys to help you with your matter.  During the consultation, we can then go into detail on the 5 elements to see if you can make a proper quiet title claim.

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, don’t worry! We have plenty of blogs that you can read through to get more information on the process of adverse possession. We also offer paid consultations if you are only seeking advice on the matter and not looking for representation on your adverse possession matter.

Our Los Angeles real estate attorneys at Schorr Law have a great deal of experience with real estate matters and disputes, specifically with adverse possession related matters. To see if you qualify for a free 30-minute consultation, contact us today!

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