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The Bakersfield real estate attorneys at Schorr Law are not like others that generalize in various areas of law. Our attorneys focus on one area of law only — real estate. This focus has allowed our attorneys to understand the real nuances of real estate disputes. This comes from having to continually brainstorm and craft new strategies and theories for each incoming matter. We believe this skill set sets us apart from other Real Estate attorneys servicing Bakersfield who may dabble in real estate but do not possess the depth of experience and institutional knowledge.

Our attorneys have vast experience in handling legal matters within Bakersfield and its surroundings. Bakersfield is home to several important legal institutions, including the Bakersfield Courthouse and other regional courthouses, where our attorneys have successfully represented clients in various cases related to real estate matters.

FAQ's - Bakersfield Real Estate Law

Does Schorr Law Represent Clients in Bakersfield?

Yes. Our real estate attorneys represent clients in Bakersfield. We are familiar with the local rules and have filed matters in the Bakersfield.

Types of Real Estate Matters Schorr Law Can Handle in Bakersfield

Below is a list of some of the types of matters Schorr Law can handle in Bakersfield which include, but are not limited to:

  • Bakersfield Partition Disputes:
    • Our partition attorneys have represented a client in a matter concerning fractional interest in over 100 acres of land being used by parties for commercial purposes;
  • Bakersfield Eminent Domain Matters:
    • Our eminent domain attorneys have handled a dispute involving multi-party interests over land being taken by Southern California Edison for a substation;
  • Bakersfield Ownership Disputes:
    • Our attorneys have represented a client in an ownership dispute concerning residential real estate;
  • Bakersfield Mortgage Deed Dispute:
    • Schorr Law represented a client in a lending dispute concerning wrongful foreclosure without proper notice to borrower;
  • Bakersfield Construction Disputes:
    • Our construction dispute attorneys are happy to help clients in Bakersfield with their commercial or residential construction disputes;
  • Bakersfield Probate Litigation Disputes:
    • Our probate litigation attorneys can offer representation in contested probate matters which include disputes over trust and will administration, as well as the probating of disputed assets.

Are You Up to Date on Different County Requirements in Bakersfield?

Yes, we have had real estate cases in Bakersfield and know the requirements well. We also like to stay up to date on changes and court updates.

How Can You Represent Me if You Don’t Have a Real Estate Law Office in Bakersfield?

While our real estate attorneys are not located in Bakersfield, Schorr Law represents clients throughout the State of California on all sorts of real estate disputes. Now most appearances in court are video appearances, but we still like going to court when needed and have no problem going to court in Bakersfield. That said our remote capabilities allow us to practice in Bakersfield with no extra cost for routine court appearances.

Why Should You Choose Schorr Law Over Other Real Estate Attorneys in Bakersfield?

That's simple. If you're looking for a real estate attorney to handle your matter in Bakersfield, look for the firm that does real estate law as an expertise, not a general practice. Not only does Schorr Law focus on real estate law, but it is all we do. Schorr Law is not like other firms that generalize in different areas of law. Our real estate attorneys are known as experts in the field by many which is why we are frequently sought after to not only provide legal commentary on national news and media outlets, but also sought out to present at national educational seminars. We invite you to call our office and schedule a consultation with one of our lead attorneys so that you can test our expertise yourselves.

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