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Mortgage Litigation Los Angeles - Foreclosure & Loan Counseling

In today’s real estate market, mortgage and deed of trust disputes are becoming more common. Over the past few years, Schorr Law has seen an increase in disputes between lenders, mortgage brokers and their clients. Our real estate mortgage litigation lawyers in Los Angeles, have experience representing large national lenders as well as individuals who have suffered economic harm as a result of predatory lending practices by unscrupulous mortgage brokers and lenders.

We offer our clients help in dealing with the following areas, as well as many others:

  • Foreclosures
  • Loan Reformation
  • Loan Reformation
  • Short Sales
  • Breach of Contract

We also offer constructive strategies to help our clients avoid litigation in the future. Our goal is to get the best results for our clients and then to educate them on how to avoid real estate mortgage litigation in the future.

Contact a Los Angeles real estate attorney today for a free consultation.

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