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What is Specific Performace?

What is Specific Performance in Real Estate?

In this post we discuss what a specific performance in real estate is, the elements […]

What To Do About A Noisy Neighbor- Nuisance Law

What Is Nuisance in Real Estate – Can It Be Taken To Court?

What happens when you are dealing with a noisy neighbor or something else that is […]

Things to look out for during a property inspection

Things To Look Out For During A Property Inspection

Are you about to purchase property? Having a professional property inspection done during escrow is […]

Specific Performance Attorney Case Example

A Specific Performance Case Example

Welcome to the first blog (Specific Performance Case Example) from our new series, the Schorr […]

Seller Backs Out of Escrow

What To Do If A Seller Is Delaying Escrow?

What do you do when a seller is delaying escrow for the sale of a […]


How to Win Attorneys’ Fees in HOA Cases

Can You Win Attorneys’ Fees in HOA Cases? In the recent case of Artus v. […]

Are Pay-If-Paid Clauses Enforceable?

Are Pay-If-Paid Clauses Enforceable?

What is Pay-If-Paid (“PIP”) Clause in California? In California, A pay-if-paid clause is a clause […]

hearsay evidence

Are Text Messages Hearsay – Exploring Admissibility in The Court

As digital communication continues to grow, the number of cases involving text messages as evidence […]

When Does a Business & Professions Code Section 7031 Disgorgement Claim Accrue?

When Does a Business & Professions Code Section 7031 Disgorgement Claim Accrue?

What Is the California Business and Professions Code Section 7031? California Business & Professions Code […]