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Puffing vs Misrepresentation

Puffing vs Misrepresentation In Real Estate – Differences

Real estate transactions can be complex, especially for first-time buyers or sellers. As you navigate […]

If I Sell Property ‘As Is’, Do I Still Have to Disclose?

If I Sell Property “As Is”, Do I Still Have to Make Disclosures?

What does it mean to sell property “as is”? Most property is sold “as is”, […]


The Anatomy of a Non-Disclosure Case – Reliance

For real property non-disclosure cases the law is relatively clear.  Where a seller knows of […]

Remedies for Defects on Recently Purchased Property

Remedies for Defects on Recently Purchased Property

Have you ever purchased what you thought was your dream home only to find out […]

What to Disclose When Selling Your House in California?

Why Should A Seller Disclose? There are so many things to disclose when selling your […]


Seller’s Obligation to Disclose Material Facts

Material Fact in Real Estate If you are selling your single-family residence, you should be […]


Material Facts Unknown to the Buyer/ Tenant

Recently, a non-disclosure case involving eminent domain was decided in favor of the landlord and […]


C.A.R Purchase and Sale Dispute Resolution

At Schorr Law our real estate attorneys frequently litigate disputes that arise out of the […]


Are Sellers Required to Disclose That Their Property May be Haunted?

Are Sellers required to disclose that their property is haunted?  With Halloween approaching we have […]