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What is Cloud on Title?

How does a Cloud on Title Affect the Purchase and Sale of Property?

Buying or selling property in California can be a complex process that involves various legal […]

What is a Preliminary Title Report?

Preliminary Title Report: Definition & Requirements in California

A preliminary title report, also known as a preliminary title search or preliminary title opinion, […]

Can You Sell A Jointly Owned Property Without Consent?

Can One Owner Sell Jointly Owned Property Without Consent?

When it comes to jointly owned properties, a common question that often arises is whether […]

Puffing vs Misrepresentation

Puffing vs Misrepresentation In Real Estate – Differences

Real estate transactions can be complex, especially for first-time buyers or sellers. As you navigate […]

What Is A Latent Defect?

What is a Latent Defect?

Latent Defect Definition A latent defect, in legal terms, refers to a fault in a […]

Lis Pendens

What is the Purpose of a Lis Pendens?

What is Lis Pendens in California Real Estate? Lis pendens is a Latin term that […]

Liquidated Damages in Real Estate

What Are Liquidated Damages in Real Property Contracts?

Liquidated damages in real estate are a critical aspect of contract law, particularly in California. […]

LA Mansion Tax

What is the LA Mansion Transfer Tax on Recorded Conveyances?

For every recorded real estate transaction in the State of California, a documentary transfer tax […]

What is a purchase option?

What is a Purchase Option?

What is a Purchase Option in Real Estate Law? Sometimes a lease agreement will include […]