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Using a Writ of Possession to Enforce Unlawful Detainer Judgments

Using a Writ of Possession to Enforce Unlawful Detainer Judgments

In California, a writ of possession is an order issued by the Court to assist […]

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How to Obtain an Abstract of Judgment

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What is a Homestead Exemption?

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Judgment Obtained! in Real Estate Matter

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How to Enforce Non-Monetary Judgments Through Contempt

Contempt is any act, in or out of court, “which tends to impede, embarrass or […]


Effect of a Civil Fraud Judgment On Your Life

Consumers and businesses come across deceptive behavior in the regular course of their dealings.  Some […]


Procedure For Selling Property After a Partition by Sale Judgment

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Schorr Law Obtains Quiet Title and $100,000+ Judgment Against National Bank

This past fall Schorr Law was successful in obtaining a quiet title to a property in Ventura […]