mediation in real estate

When Is Mediation in Real Estate Used?

Whether you are in pre-litigation or already embroiled in a lawsuit, we often recommend our […]

different partition action outcomes

Different Partition Action Outcomes

Like any other lawsuits, the outcome of a partition action depends on the particular type […]

What to look for in property survey

What to Look For In a Property Survey

Purchasers of commercial and residential real estate property may come across recorded surveys or request […]

grandfathered rights

Understanding “Grandfathered Rights”

What are these so called grandfathered rights? When facing a property dispute, many astute homeowners […]

Trial Lawyer in Los Angeles

How To Pick a Trial Lawyer in Los Angeles

So – what does it mean to be a trial lawyer in Los Angeles?  Does […]

Types of Easements

Different Types of Easements

There are many types of easements. Generally, an easement is a right to use another […]

Linkage Fee and New Developments

The Linkage Fee in New Developments

Los Angeles is known for its lack of affordable housing.  In 2017 the city had […]

power of attorney

Power of Attorney in Real Estate Transactions

In residential real estate transactions, the individuals who enter the contracts and sign the checks […]

Zachary Schorr Featured in The Wall Street Journal

Have you ever thought about selling your home on your own? No real estate attorneys, […]