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Schorr Law Obtains Quiet Title and $100,000+ Judgment Against National Bank

Updated on June 2, 2022

This past fall Schorr Law was successful in obtaining a quiet title to a property in Ventura County.  Schorr Law sued on behalf of its client to remove a lien on a Ventura County property that its client contended was invalid.  Our real estate attorneys were successful removing the lien and also obtaining a judgment against the bank for over $100,000 based on its maintenance of an invalid lien.

Quieting title to real property is a common remedy our real estate attorneys use to remove liens from real property that are invalid.  These liens must be removed because whether or not the liens are valid in the eyes of the law is not always the most important factor.

Instead, making sure that liens do not show up on title reports tends to be the most important thing.  For example, if a party knows that a lien is invalid and even if a lawyer believes it to be invalid, if the title company reports it on a preliminary title report then the lien most be removed in order to allow a commercial lender to lend on the property or to allow a purchase and sale agreement to close escrow.

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Our real estate lawyer California, frequently deal with quiet title matters that involve removing liens and asserting ownership rights in real property.

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