Real Estate Attorney Zachary Schorr Obtains Another Quiet Title Win

Yesterday, lead real estate attorney Zachary Schorr was successfully in securing another quiet title judgment for one of its clients.  This is the second judgment Schorr Law has received for its clients in the last two weeks.  In this quiet title matter, Schorr Law sought to quiet title to remove one of the record title holders from title after the record title holder (50% owner) had refused to reconvey his interest back to the person who had placed him on title as a co-owner.   Mr. Schorr advanced a quiet title theory based on the legal concept that the record title holder was a constructive trustee – holding the title for the benefit of the person who had placed him on title for estate planning services.

Quiet title actions tend to be an umbrella under which many different theories can be advanced.  This types of legal claims allow a Court of Law and Equity to determine how record title his to be held.  Often times, without a valid quiet title judgment a title company will not recognize the true owners of the property or will not insure around certain lien holders.

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