Los Angeles Quiet Title – Verified Complaints

In California, most complaints do not require a verified complaint (a complaint signed by the party under penalty of perjury). Some claims, however, like a quiet title claim does require that the complaint be verified. This is easy enough to accomplish through a simple verification. But, parties should obviously make sure the allegations in the complaint are truthful because they are being made under penalty of perjury.

In response to a verified quiet title complaint, the defendant must provide a verified answer. This is useful because right from the outset the plaintiff will get an understand of which specific allegations the defendant admits or denies. This is useful for framing the issues for trial and determining the factual and legal disputes that the case will necessarily involve.

The real estate attorneys at Schorr Law have significant experience dealing with quiet title matters. Our attorneys have litigated quiet title claims regarding conflicting ownership claims to real property, mortgage fraud, liens negatively impacting recorded title, easements and many other types of legal disputes involving title and liens.

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