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Los Angeles Passes Short Term Vacation Rental Law

Updated on December 12, 2018

The City of Los Angeles finally passed its first attempt at vacation rental regulations. The new rules do not ban vacation rentals but they limit them to Angelenos who host vacation renters at their primary residence. That means no second homes or investment properties can be used as vacation rentals. 

A few highlights to the new regulations:

  • Angelenos can host vacation renters in their primary residence
  • The hosts must live in their primary residence for at least half the year
  • Hosts must register with the city, pay transient occupancy taxes, keep records for inspection and make sure they have working safety devices in place (fire extinguishers, etc.)
  • There is an annual limit on renting of 120 days
  • The 120 day cap can be exceeded if the hosts are in good standing with the city or if the hosts obtain special approval from city planning
  • There will be no hosting in rent controlled (RSO) apartments
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It sounds like there will be more to come on this issue as there are already proposed changes being contemplated.    Many of these rules mirror rules already set forth in places with recent vacation rental laws on the books like Malibu, San Diego, and other areas.

Schorr Law’s Zachary Schorr frequently lectures on the legal implications involved with vacation rentals.   In fact, his next lecture will be broadcast nationally on January 28, 2019 for the National Business Institute “Airbnb, VRBO and Short-Term Lease Agreements: What You MUST Know!” 

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