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Zachary Schorr Quoted in Media Regarding Collection Matters

Updated on September 27, 2023

The Freelancer recently interviewed attorney Zachary Schorr for an article designed to help freelancer writers help get paid by their publishers.   In the article, writer Geoff Williams, discusses proven strategies for collecting on writing for major publications.  Mr. Schorr provides advice in the form of being friendly and professional in collection matters in order to try to avoid having to file a lawsuit.  Of course, sometimes it takes an aggressive attorney to come in and force payment on collection matters.  That said, the strategy and the timing on being aggressive is very dependent on the factual situation at hand.  Sometimes ongoing relationship concerns or extraneous legal matters can make it necessary to hold off on collection or to take strategies to encourage payment in a non adversarial matter.

The article can be found at What Do Do at Every Stage of a Late Payment.

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