3 Los Angeles Quiet Title Attorney Tips

3 Tips to Consider For Quiet Title Disputes in Los Angeles

Updated on May 26, 2022

In need of a couple of good quiet title attorney tips from some experienced attorneys? At Schorr Law, our attorneys have extensive experience litigating both opposed and unopposed quiet title actions. Over many years and many cases, we have developed an intense knowledge and a practical perspective for quiet title actions.  Here are three key points and tips to consider for all quiet title disputes.

 Quiet Title Tips:

1.  Requirements for all quiet title actions:

  • The complaint must be verified (CCP 761.020(a))
  • The complaint must have a description of the property at issue (CCP 761.020(a))
  • Immediately upon filing the complaint, the plaintiff must file a lis pendens in the county where the real property is located.  (CCP 761.010)
  • The court may requires the plaintiff to obtain a title report and keep it in place for inspection, use and copying by the parties (CCP 762.050(B)).
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2.  Venue:

Venue is the location for a lawsuit.  Many cases are transitory meaning that the venue can potentially be in several different places.  For quiet title actions, however, venue is primarily supposed to be in the county where the property is located.  (760.050(A)).  That said, our Los Angeles quiet title attorneys in certain instances have had to file complex quiet title actions involving multiple properties across several counties.  In those instances, as long as the defendant does not object to the venue the court of a different county can exercise jurisdiction over the matter.  Sometimes this is a more efficient approach, as it was in our of our cases with seven properties across two different counties.

3.   Defendants:

Any person with a claim to the property may appear to defend against the quiet title claim (CCP 762.050).   In order to make sure you have sued all the right people, we always recommend a litigation guarantee or a title report.   There is specific statutory language to include in the complaint naming all people potentially claiming an interest in the property that can help make sure that once you quiet title to the property that it is quieted as to all unknown claimants – in other words, that the quiet title is perfect.  Once you name the unknown defendants they can be served by publication in a local newspaper.
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