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pop-up shops

Items to consider when entering into a pop-up shop rental agreement

There is no question that e-commerce has changed the consumer landscape. ¬†Consumers are turning more […]

base year in a Commercial Lease

What is a “base year” in Commercial Leases?

Before we explain the importance of a base year in commercial leases, it is important […]

breakdown of gross up provision

The Gross Up Provision: A Breakdown

This is a general introduction into the gross up provision within commercial leases. What is […]

Does Your Property Comply With The ADA?

Worried about whether your property complies with the ADA? Many California business owners are worried […]

3 Day Notices in Commercial Leases Must Comply With the Terms of the Lease

Proper service of a valid notice to pay rent or quit is a prerequisite to […]


Estimated Rent in Commercial Tenancies CCP 1161.1

Unlike residential unlawful detainer actions, in commercial unlawful detainers the landlord is allowed to provide […]


Commercial Leases: Notice to Landlord and Tenant

What Makes a Commercial Lease Invalid? By default, a landlord seeking to evict a tenant […]

Notice to Pay Rent or Quit based on Reasonable Estimate of Rent Due in Commercial Unlawful Detainers

Notice to Pay Rent or Quit in Commercial Unlawful Detainers

Last month we discussed the importance of properly serving a notice to pay rent or […]


Commercial Unlawful Detainer Eviction Notice California

Unlawful detainer cases are fast track court proceedings.¬† They are primarily used by landlords to […]