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The Importance of Having a Written Lease

Why Its Important to Have a Written Lease When Renting?

Necessity of a Written Lease in Landlord-Tenant Agreements For both landlords and tenants, it is […]

The Tenant Protection Act

What is the Tenant Protection Act 2019 in California?

Caps Rent Hikes California has passed a statewide bill affecting the residential rental market.  As […]


Reviewing your Leases with Landlords and Tenants

Landlords, have you reviewed your leases with your tenants? Tenants, have you reviewed your landlord’s lease? […]

The Implied Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment

The Implied Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment

For Tenant Rights Protection In California, the Implied Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment provides tenants with […]


Impact of a Tenant’s Bankruptcy During Lease Term

A tenant’s bankruptcy or insolvency does not automatically terminate an unexpired lease of real property. […]


Ownership of Fixtures

Fixtures are items of personal property that are so attached to the land that they […]

What is Lease Abandonment?

California Lease Abandonment – Consequences For Landlords

This article will cover what lease abandonment is and the consequences that can result from […]

What is a Sublease and When Can You Do It?

What is a Sublease and When Can You Do It?

You are going away for business for an extended time, or you just want to […]

Don’t Miss the New Due Date for Jury Fee Deposits in California

Celebrity Evictions – Beyonce and Jay Z Forced to Move out of Los Angeles Home

There was an interesting article on last week about Beyonce and Jay Z’s rental. […]