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Commercial Lease Terms Counseling and Negotiation

As commercial real estate attorneys, our experience and insight allows us to guide you and our clients with lease negotiations. We provide retailers and other commercial enterprises with peace of mind by providing lease counseling prior to the inception of a lease. This helps our clients determine what effects, if any, certain lease clauses may have on the value of a given lease interest or provision, or how such lease clauses affect the overall value of the lease and/or property.

We take extra care in understanding your and our clients’ positions, including the economics of the transaction.

Recent Commercial Real Estate Counseling Examples Include

We have effectively counseled clients in many areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Commercial Office and Retail Lease Negotiation
  • Commercial Office and Retail Lease Drafting
  • Enforcement of Exclusive Use Provisions in Commercial Leases
  • Early Termination Rights
  • Broker’s Commercial Lease Commission Disputes
  • Commercial Lease Counseling
  • Enforcement of Repair and Maintenance Conditions In Commercial Leases
  • Lease Assignment and Subletting
  • Negotiation of Lease Abandonment

At Schorr Law, we pride ourselves on providing a full platform of commercial real estate attorney services. We are real estate attorneys that provide our clients with real solutions.
Please contact us today for all of your commercial leasing needs.

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