Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney: Step 3 for Commercial Leasing Disputes

Our Los Angeles Real Estate attorneys handle all types of commercial real estate leasing disputes.  After reviewing steps 1 and 2, we are now at step 3, which is initiating the actual dispute.  Initiating a commercial leasing dispute is not as simple as just filing a basic claim.  Drafting the complaint or arbitration demand is key because is sets the framework for the entire litigation.  Of course, if you fail to add a cause of action you can always seek leave to amend to add another claim at a later time but it becomes much harder to do once the initial complaint has been filed.  You usually have to show that you did not know of the claim at the time the party filed the initial complaint or that the party seeking to add the additional claim has discovered new facts since the filing of the initial complaint.

Taking extra time and care in drafting a complaint or arbitration demand is also important because it is less likely to be attacked by the defendant by way of demurrer or a motion to dismiss.

Here are some common causes of action in commercial leasing disputes:

1.  Breach of Contract – a claim that a party has failed to live up to an obligation or a promise in the contract.

2.  Declaratory Relief – an equitable claim asking the court to interpret the terms of the contract;

3.  Breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing – a claim that a party failed to operate in good faith with respect to term(s) of the contract.

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